Accounting Firm, Law Firm & Curator




Indra T Kusuma


Area of Expertise: Law Consulting, Intellectual Property Consulting, Tax Consulting, Curatorship

E: [email protected]

Indra has a varied tax background, he provides proactive tax advice to clients that never loses sight of the commercial and personal interests of both the business and stakeholders. Beside practicing taxation, he is also an expert in business law.

Indra has worked in a number of law firms and tax consulting companies. This experience has given in depth practical and technical tax experience as well as understanding of Indonesian law, but more importantly the exposure to different industries and personalities has given him a balanced view of what works for our clients

Teddy Kho


Area of Expertise: External Audit, Tax Consulting, Management Accounting, Bookkeeping

E: [email protected]

Having worked in practice for the last 15 years, Teddy is a highly experienced auditor. He has experience in working with clients across a range of sectors, focusing on trading, manufacturing, financial service, construction, mining, and plantation.

As well as his audit background, he is experienced in independent business reviews and corporation tax planning. During the practice, he always ensures to deliver a no-nonsense and efficient audit, as well as the best advice regarding the client's regulatory, compliance and general advisory needs.

Wendy Tandiawan


Area of Expertise: External Audit, Financial Advisory, Internal Audit

E: [email protected]

Wendy is a Partner with more than 10 years experience in Accounting and Advisory. His areas of expertise include Auditing, Corporate Finance, Transaction Support, and Insolvency.

Prior to establishing KAP Tandiawan, he worked at several world leading accounting firms and banks. He has been working on various auditing, consulting and advisory for many shareholders and investors (both domestic and foreign) as a project leader. He was in charge in providing advice which regards to audit, merger & acquisition, sale of business / assets, transaction support as well as assisting companies to overcome the insolvency problem.

Erwan Irawan


Area of Expertise: External Audit, Financial Advisory, Management Accounting, Internal Audit, Tax Consulting

E: [email protected]

In situations where time is of the essence, expertise is very important. Erwan has spent more than 25 years working in the field of business advisory. He has strong technical corporate strategy, merger & acquisition, integration, restructuring, refinancing, and equity value raising.

Over the years, Erwan has personally led a large number of national and international mid-market transactions to successful completion.

David Simson B G

Senior Manager

Area of Expertise: Tax

E: [email protected]

Having experience as a tax consultant for more than 10 years. His tax fields include individual taxes, corporate taxes, Transfer Pricing Document (TP Doc), payroll and others. He also holds the title of tax consultant level B (Brevet B) from IKPI.

Not just a solution, he also provides education on taxation to each client, with the hope of increasing the understanding and compliance of taxpayers for their taxation rights and obligations.

Boy Antono


Area of Expertise: External Audit

E: [email protected]

Boy manages the audit process to ensure that we provide a high-quality and efficient service. He invests the time in getting to know our clients and their businesses so that we can build strong, long-term relationships.

Boy has experience in audit and accounts, working with clients across a range of industries. He is also familiar with most accounting software packages.

Jessica Priscilla


Area of Expertise: Financial Advisory

E: [email protected]

Whether you are planning an exit strategy for your business or want to maximise your return from investments or protect your income, you need independent advices to manage your finances.

Jessica has held senior positions within her previous firms and on consultancy projects. She had time with a consulting company that focused on corporate finance. As well as advising clients on the full spectrum of investments, she also helped with risk management and tax planning.